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Home Costs

How Much Should a New Home in Fargo, ND Cost?

Buying a new home in Fargo or anywhere else in the Northern Plains can be a challenging process..not to be done quickly or taken lightly. Our expectations are sky-high. We’re inspired by stunning new builds showcased online, in social media and on our favorite home shows. But what’s right for you and your budget? Here we discuss various levels of quality, customization and price ranges of single-family homes appealing to every budget. This is meant to be jumping-off place, not an end point. Benjamin Custom Homes, a leading homebuilder, would like to help you get there.

Entry Level: Priced from $300K-$500k

Called “cookie cutter” or starter homes, these entry-level homes are usually pre-built and offer buyers few options or modifications. They are often built closer to busy roadways so may act as a buffer between larger lots and more spacious homes deeper in the development. Prices are predetermined and vary by design and location.

Level 2: Priced from $450K-$650k

Modified “cookie cutter” designs are built with packages, but clients my select colors, flooring, and other basics. Modified cookie cutters are often times still called “custom homes” because of the color choices and options that are specific to the customer. Typically Level 2 doesn’t allow for floor plan changes and the price is easily established at point of sale.

Level 3: Priced from $600K-$800K

Customizable standard plans are similar to each other but walls can be adjusted and layouts can be changed slightly by working with a draftsperson to get a different flavor. Buyers may select colors, finishes, facades. Level 3 homes are typically pre-priced with extras based on the changes. Level 3 homes offer some price efficiency because the builder leverages knowledge from previous similar builds to achieve “economies of scale.” Prices are often calculated using upgrades, which may take 2 or 3 weeks to calculate.

Level 4: Priced from $800k plus

Details are relevant in every product you can see. Often upgraded during construction, Level 4 homes are constantly changing as the build continues but typically look similar to more standard 2-story or rambler construction. Each home being unique, ball parks are typically established using averages. Each home must be fully designed to get accurate pricing.

Level 5: $1.25M Plus

Architectural series custom homes, designed and built form the ground up, are curated in all ways to achieve the artwork and function. They look different and utilize more elevated construction techniques than Levels 1-4. Fixtures and trim are often not standard and may be shipped from abroad with lead times from 6 weeks and increasing to 12-16 weeks in a stressed market.

For a closer look, contact a BCH representative.